Toyota Motor Europe

Toyota-Zaventem HO

Description of the partner

Established in 1987, the Toyota Technical Centre in Zaventem (BE) is home to ME’s Research & Development (R&D) division counting around 20 members doing leading-edge research in Europe for the Toyota group in the field of batteries, fuel cells, catalysts, solar cells, materials modelling and advanced analysis. Besides its in-house activity (mostly related to battery and fuel cell evaluation), TME has several R&D projects with European universities and research institutes related to the different technologies enumerated above.

Role in the project

TME is leading Work Package 2 dedicated to (i) identify the need of users (ii) define the KPIs and technical targets; (iii) specify clear criteria and protocols for the testing of the cells;(iv) define the pilot line requirements (v) consider the design of the battery cells towards their disassembly