Fraunhofer Institut für Silicatforschung


Description of the partner

Fraunhofer Institut für Silicatforschung (ISC), Fraunhofer FuE-Zentrum Elektromobilität Bayern (FZEB)

Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research (ISC), Fraunhofer R&D Center Electromobility Bavaria.

The Fraunhofer R&D Center Electromobility Bavaria (FZEB) of the Fraunhofer ISC is located in Würzburg in southern Germany and deals with multiple modern aspects of lithium-ion battery technology. The FZEB is divided into several subgroups, with the Process Development group focusing on electrode and cell production, solid-state batteries and recycling processes. The main objective is to upscale from laboratory to pilot scale.

Role in the project

Fraunhofer ISC will focus in SPINMATE on the development of mechanical surface cleaning of lithium metal by sandblasting and the production of polymer-based lithium solid state batteries. In addition, Fraunhofer ISC will electrochemically test and evaluate the performance of the polymer-based lithium solid state batteries.