Fundación CIDETEC

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Description of the partner

CID is a private research center founded in 1997 with overall workforce of 215 employees. CID Energy Storage institute involves up to 82 researchers and is specialized in creating new battery technologies (including Li metal SSBs) according to specific challenges, and its ultimate transference to the industry. The institute has the capacity to develop complete products and processes and offers

material validation, pilot manufacturing, pack engineering and battery testing services. The institute is heavily involved in the European battery community, including the core team of BATTERY2030+ and regular participant and coordinator in H2020 European funded battery projects.

Role in the project

The role of CID on SPINMATE will be focused on the processing definition of cathode and electrolyte layers (WP3: T3.2) as well as multilayer small pouch cells (1 Ah) manufacturing (WP6: T6.3) and 1 Ah cell testing and validation of performances on large cells (WP7: T7.2).